Lejerbo in English

Lejerbo is a nonprofit social housing association that rents out approximately 44.000 residences all over Denmark.

If you want to live in one of these residences you have to be on our waiting list for the specific places where you want to live. You can enter the list either via this website or by calling us: (+45)70 12 13 10. Our website is in Danish, so maybe you need some help from a Danish speaking friend to get through the annotation process. This video on how to get on our waiting list is in Danish, but you can get English subtitles. Just press the CC-button in the bottom right corner of the video and choose English.

To be on the waiting list you have to pay 300 Dkk/year. This fee covers all the residences in a specific organization, which typically covers a Danish municipality. Within this organization you can choose one or more different estates or departments, which our organizations are divided into. Each estate can consist of a varied number of residences – it can be 6 or 600. Within these estates you will often find different types of residences (1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms etc.).

Our residences cover normal housings (familieboliger), housing for students (ungdomsboliger), housing for the elderly (ældreboliger) and senior co-housing (seniorbofællesskaber). In normal housing everyone can live whereas the other types of housings have different regulations connected to them. These regulations will be stated on the website.

Lejerbo does not own the residences. The approximately 750 different estates owns their own housings. Lejerbo is the administrator, which means that Lejerbo handles all the paperwork concerning waiting lists, appointing new tenants, moving procedures, renovation etc. 

If you want to know more about the principles of the Danish nonprofit housing market, you can find a brochure in English and 11 other languages made by the National Federation of Housing Associations (BL).

Almene boliger for alle (the brochure in 12 languages)